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If you’ve ever imagined attending two FWorld Cup matches in one day, now you can. Qatar’s size is what will set this tournament apart from previous editions; everything here is already within easy reach. The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy works together with everyone in the nation to set the stage for a truly unique FIFA World Cup.

Join us and take a look into the stadiums that will host the next FIFA World Cup 2022.


How the 141-day break will impact the game on the court? Here some off-court storylines to keep an eye on:

Coronavirus, 'content is the king', social issues...

What you think? The return of the NBA will be an example for the other leagues around the world? A risky bet.


For too long the main logic behind investing in your digital setup has been “because all our competitors are doing it” (and that is both in and outside the industry), but in this article we will dig a bit deeper and explain some of the underlying reasons on why modern sports clubs simply have no other choice if they want to stay relevant with their audience in the coming years and generate future digital revenue.

What we do


We offer free services for you to get inspired by innovations making an impact and leaders of the sports industry:


Weekly news and invitations to our special events.


Weekly free webinars in English and Spanish with leaders in different fields, sharing their passion and knowledge to help you improve.


You will find in our youtube channel more than 60 hours of content from our different events. Enjoy the ride


You can find our latest #SISMasters on Spotify.


Since 2014, we have organized 8 Sport Innovation Summits in Mexico, Paris, and Tokyo as well as Global Sports Week Paris (co-founded with Lucien Boyer & Laurent Damiani). A total of more than 500 international experts/speakers with 6.000 top-level delegates.

Sport Innovation Summit

Since 2014 we have built 8 international summits (Mexico, Paris & Tokyo), +250 world-class speakers, and gathered +3,000 sport industry leaders & decision-makers. 

Sport Innovation Summits are a unique place where sport & innovation meet and contribute positively to the future of the global sports industry with a key differentiation on the diversity of topics and diversity of top-level people.

Global Sports Week

Global Sports Week is a cross-sector platform to accelerate change, driven by the next generation. It is the new Rendez-Vous for influence, inspiration, and business.

50 young change-makers, 250 investors, and 2,000 global leaders from 70 countries gathered at the Louvre in Paris, in the heart of the world’s emerging sports capital, to Shake the industry, Shape its future and Share their experiences and vision.

Two days full of interactive talks, cultural experiences, startup pitches, unseen demos, and immersive shows.​



We take our clients' business to the next level thanks to innovation and our network of international experts in different fields. From sports organizations to startups, to service providers, we empower growth step by step.


“A great experience, keep up the good work of bringing Sports into the conversation."

Kirsty Coventry, Chairperson of the Athletes committee

"I have been to many summits and conferences in my time as a team executive and this event has topped them all! Beautifully run, flawlessly executed and the quality has surpassed my expectation!"

Robert Alberino,

San Francisco 49ers

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to deliver the info around Tokyo 2020. I´m happy to join SiS anywhere in the world again. Thank you again, see you in Tokyo."

Hiromi Kawamura,

Tokyo 2020

Our community

Our community is made of more than 40.000 experts all around the world that include: startups & entrepreneurship ecosystem, sports organizations, brands, media, agencies, and many more stakeholders, all having in common the will to improve and innovate. 


About us

Forces of economic, technological, and social disruption are reshaping the future of sports. We believe it's more important than ever to work together and collaborate to design our future if we want to have one. We are in the business of building relationships in a more and more purpose-driven economy.


Our team is led by Arnaud Drijard, (together with Gabriel Ramos) and CEO of Sport Innovation Society, surrounded by experts in different fields around the world. Our strength is our network, making us able to get key insights on most topics very quickly with the best international experts. By identifying our challenges, our mission is to accelerate solution making and co-create a positive impact on sports business and society. 

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