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Actualizado: 29 abr 2020

IRONMAN Virtual Club is live since April 1st, and in 4 days 30.000 athletes had registered, and 10.000 have participated in their first Ironman Virtual Race last week-end. The IRONMAN community is like a tribe, and this tribe needs excitement. While facing the impossibility to train outdoor and be motivated by next race, Ironman looked for a way to keep engaging the athletes and motivating them.

IRONMAN Virtual Club web-based platform is the new destination for IRONMAN athletes to train, compete, earn and connect anywhere in the world:

  • Each athletes has a dashboard where they can log their training, see their coming virtual events and challenges, and view badges they have been already earning. The more they train, the more points the get.

  • Events: IRONMAN created Virtual Racing Series events and IRONMAN VC challenges, to motivate athletes and get them to participate, and for free, at least at the beginning. The first race consisted of a 5 km run, 90 km bike and 21 km run. Each segment could be completed in any order, but each segment had to be completed in its entirety during one session.

  • Challenges are also set on the platform by top stars such as Mark Allen and Dave Scott, providing athletes with training tips and overall great workouts that will help them train smart.

  • Rewards: the more athletes race and train, the more points they gain. Points are accumulated throughout the year and showcase how athletes stack up against each other. Points are also convert into Credits, which can be redeemed for rewards that are showcased in this section of the platform.

There are more functionalities in the platform such as Facebook watch for races, but the incredible thing is that it was created very quickly, facing COVID19 situation. How ? Ironman Group, worth more than 650 millions USD, trusted a successful French startup to engage its community, integrate its partners. And again, it seems to be a success with 30.000 registered in only 4 days.

Sport Heroes is not only a solution for IRONMAN. The technological solution can adapt itself for any brand wishing to activate its community smartly, anywhere, anytime. It works also for companies wishing to develop wellbeing solutions for its employees and create a bound thanks to digital gamification but real physical activity.

STAY HOME, STAY ACTIVE, and if you like running and biking, log in IRONMAN VC !

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