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Some consequences of COVID19 are that families get together again and have time to share, and play together which is fantastic. But in most cases, we see a massive increase in time spent in front of screens watching any kind of contents or playing video games, and obviously sedentarily is growing.

Something will have to be done to grow interest and practice among kids in a context which is not easy. Families will have less money and sport might not be a priority for them. We can anticipate more families with both parents working and less time available for kids. Insecurity due to increased poverty might have a negative impact on parents sending their kids to sport. Sport public money might decrease in states or cities facing sanitary priorities and need to boost economy… 

Still, sport is one of the most valuable tools in society to grow healthy kids: develop self-esteem and confidence, increase social skills, accept defeat at part of life, develop discipline, building physical skills, health benefits,… A program is therefore necessary to develop impactful local programs to engage not only kids, but also the parents. The correlation is direct, parents not encouraging kids and taking time with kids, means lower chance to have them love sport. Early sense of sportsmanship is key to a better future.

There are opportunities:

  1. For parents to engage their kids: joining the kids to play, buy sports goods instead of gadgets which will encourage them to play, bond with them over live games on media, teach them about great athletes that are role models and start at an early age...

  2. For companies contributing to bringing sport to their employees life and to their consumers, building the bond with the brand by showing you care. We have developed for a client a social responsibility program in Mexico activating more than 450.000 kids in 5 years, and delivering infrastructures legacy in social areas, amazing results with the kids at very low cost (if we can call it cost).

  3. For public organizations and why not creating stronger relations between public and private entities to develop impactful programs. From making cities a playground for kids, to building amazing experiences to engage kids, to improving sport at school… Interesting example of Paris having the goal to make available a free sport infrastructure less than 5 minutes away from any housing, and it is happening in a city that has no space left.

Sport is more than ever needed for youth in current situation. It has a lot to do with creativity and innovation. I guess it is everyone’s responsibility as well, starting with me as a dad.

Your thoughts ? Any great example you would like to share?

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