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LaLiga unveiled a series of broadcast innovations when the top tier resumes its 2019-20 season yesterday. Focusing on the virtualization of stands, fan audio and new camera positions, and images for the viewers.

The biggest change for the return of the competition is the virtualised broadcasting that LaLiga will offer to international broadcasters. For these broadcasts, stadium stands will be virtualised, offering to-scale images of seated fans wearing the colours of the home club.

To develop this digital experience, LaLiga worked with Norwegian technology company Vizrt. In moments when the game is stopped, this image of fans can be transformed into a canvas that matches the colour of the home team and will carry LaLiga messages, among other offerings.

The Premier League with Sky Sports and BT Sport, the pay-television duo, having detailed their broadcast plans for the restart of another of Europe’s ‘big five’ leagues. One of those is a partnership between EA Sports FIFA and Sky Sports created a range of team-specific chants to enhance the atmosphere for the closed games.

Viewers can select the Sky channel to watch with the added sound or with stadium noise.

Other new features include the ‘Sky Sports Recap’ service, allowing viewers to catch up on all the key highlights during live matches in a short burst. Each game will have a live timeline enabling viewers to quickly catch up on the highlights at any point during the match – even if they have not watched it from the beginning.

The ‘Sky Sports Fanzone’ will be a new feature on the Sky Sports website and app allowing viewers to watch select matches with friends in a video room and interact while the action unfolds. Sky said this will give them the chance to chat about the match and influence the crowd noise they hear on screen.

BT Sport said its viewers will have the option to watch games with or without a pre-recorded dynamic crowd noise feature, using the red button. In the coming weeks BT will also be launching ‘Watch Together’, allowing customers using the BT Sport app to watch, see and chat with friends in a split screen, while a match is being played.

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