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Within a few hours of the declaration of a health emergency in our country, the Pachuca Group set the following objective as essential: “To help as many people as possible through the Pachuca, León and Mineros teams; supported by all its business and human development divisions such as the Universidad del Futbol (Football University)”.


  1. In the first hours, 1,500 food pantries were distributed among the Group's lowest-income employees, and 1,600 food pantries in different vulnerable areas of the State of Hidalgo.

  2. 15,000 mouth covers with a microbial barrier were purchased, made with NBELYAX particle, reusable and lasting 10 days; that were delivered to the Health Institutions of the States of Guanajuato, Hidalgo and Zacatecas.

  3. 15,000 pairs of gloves for auscultation of patients suspected of COVID-19 were purchased, which were delivered to the Health Institutions of the States of Guanajuato, Hidalgo and Zacatecas.

  4. They ordered to manufacture 15,000 high quality Neoprene masks, waterproof, washable, ergonomic and reusable; personalized with the emblems of the León, Pachuca and Mineros teams, which are being handed over to groups of professionals whose tasks are essential abroad: Police, Transporters, Cleaning and Collection Staff. The masks have been named FIERAMASK, TUZOMASK and MINEROMASK.

  5. From the manufacture and donation of masks, the movement “VAMOS POR MASK” is created, whose objective is to call different companies to continue donating masks, this movement has managed to add 15,000 more masks, which will be delivered to groups of professionals whose work is essential abroad.

  6. During the first hours of the quarantine declaration, Club León launched an interactive platform called www.jugamosencasa2020.com, whose purpose is to accompany families during this period, through all kinds of dynamics, challenges, games family, homework and homework. The objective of the platform is teamwork and solidarity, based on the strength of the community whose core is the family. More than 3,000 families have registered and participated in the platform, which has also become an important tool for generating content and happiness on Club León's social networks.

  7. In support of local commerce, the León Club launched the # FIERAMENÚ system, which collects and reproduces audiovisual material from all those businesses that wish to register their premises to be promoted on the different communication platforms of the León Club. In the FIERAMENÚ System, there are about 300 registered businesses that offer home services.


  • There are a series of proposed actions that will follow the same path as the previous ones, and that will be adapted to the different stages and needs that the health emergency will pose to us as a society.

  • The strategy is to continue supporting the institutions and people who are in the front line of battle against COVID; and in parallel, carry out actions of accompaniment and support for organizations and people whose work is essential.

  • The objective continues to be to help as many people as possible, so far the Pachuca Group has managed to bring a little help to almost 80,000 people, so at this moment of the solidarity operation, it is essential to add wills and supports, to join forces and reach more people every day.

  • Coordination between the soccer teams and all the divisions of the Pachuca Group has been essential to carry out each of these actions.

Claps for Grupo Pachuca! Keep it that way.

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