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This Tuesday, RFEF President Luis Rubiales signed the collaboration agreement with the Chinese consortium behind this investment.

  • A replica of the RFEF's Ciudad del Fúbol (Football City) in Las Rozas will be built in Beijing, with four further satellite sites set to be built in different Chinese cities.

  • The Spanish FA will make the use of the FIFA-accredited training cenre in Tianjin to train players and coaches, while the five proposed venues are being built.

  • The project is set to creat jobs for hundred of Spanish coaches, physios, technical staff and football professionals.

The sheer quality and uniqueness of Spanish football knows no borders and, from this point forth, will take hold in the world's most-populated country, China. This comes after a ten-year agreement signed by the RFEF to develop and spread the reach of the game in the Asian nation.

The main goals of this wide-reaching initiative is to export Spanish talent to the Asian powerhouse, something which will, without a doubt, have beneficial effects across every area of our domestic game. The project will include specialised development of players, from youth all the way through to professional level, training of coaches and coaching staff, as well as working with other involved in the world of football. All of which will be put in place by applying Spanish knowledge and methodologies. This is expected to create work for hundred of Spanish coaches, physios, technical staff and other football professionals, thanks to the demand that exists in China for this kind of training.

These protagonists, with the support of the RFEF, will build a Ciudad del Fúbol in Beijing, which will be supported by another four centres in other large Chinese cities, whose locations are currently being confirmed. The new Ciudad del Fútbol complex will be located in the area known as New Beijing, where there will also be leisure facilites, residential areas and centres of business, catering and sport. This is an area whose growth is being driven by the Beijing Government, where the plitical and ministeral centre will be situated and which aims to attract ever more Chinese citizens in a bid to reduce overcrowding in the country's capital.

All the necessaty licenses are in place to start work on this structure in Beijing and, during the construction period, the Spanish FA will be able to begin its assessment and training work at the government-provided facilitie in Tianjin, a city to the south of Beijing. This sporting complex, valued at 150M euros, has been internationally accredited by FIFA and will be put to use by the RFEF.

The Consortium and the RFEF are joining hands with the regional government of Jianghai, Tianjin to proliferate its existing National Comprehensive Sports Training Base into the International Fooball Technique Destination - Spanish Center, featuring sport-technique development, talent and personnel training, and international relationship exchange. The Tianjin Regional Center will be the first and leading model for a series of future locations, with a project headquarters planned in Beijing.

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